Destroying areas of outstanding natural beauty (CAD integration)

By , October 10, 2010

So we didn’t destroy anything natural (that would go against my very ethics)… But we did master a trick that every architect / real estate owner should be very excited about…

Previously – before a project was finished – the only option for most was, seemingly, to Photoshop the artist’s rendering of the project onto a photo of the site… This, not only, looks awful but it can actually have a detrimental effect on the marketability of a project.

Which is where we step in. Using Hollywood software – that helped in the production of Avatar (amongst many other household, blockbuster, Movies) – we can take your CAD model and insert it seamlessly into a live video shot. Shadows will be correct, reflections will be accurate. The viewer won’t know it isn’t real (unless we tell them). Learn more…

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