Subtitles are so ’80s

By , October 20, 2010

Corporate promotion video production in Thailand has become a highly competitive industry in the last few years. In our latest promo shoot, our client agreed to use 3D text placement, inside the scenery – instead of using plane old subtitles… this form of 3d motion graphics and animation in Thailand is usually very expensive and only the biggest production houses could offer it.

The end result of this VFX shot looks like we cut out words and placed them inside our scenery while we rolled the cameras… Whereas, we actually perform a multi-step procedure, passing through 5 different Applications, in order to get the final result.

For the viewer, they are seeing something they normally see on TV or at the movies… For the client, they are showing the world that they are forward-thinking, modern, fresh and – most importantly – original…

The viewer ends up feeling positive about the video, which usually builds a rapport, which usually ends in a sale…

With what we have to offer, throw away subtitles and bring 3d motion graphics and animation into your production – there are no more reasons for using basic, boring, subtitles.

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