Aero-Film are go…

By , November 24, 2010

Fulfilling a dream that we’ve had for a long time – we can now soar with the eagles.

Through the acquisition of a Multi-Array Flying Platform (drone / droid / UFO!), WaterWorks can now offer HD1080p video and unlimited sized photos – captured from a height of a few thousand metres and at speeds of more than 120km/h.

However, unless we’re working on the latest Die Hard movie, we will be flying a little more sedately and lower than mentioned above. Monster “crane” shots; gliding moves over bodies of water; epic, cinematic, reveals… These are all an option nowadays. Coupled with our CAD integration, we can truly stand up proclaiming the only service of it’s kind in Asia. Learn moreĀ about your aerial photo and video options in Asia.

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