Aero-Film are go…

By , November 24, 2010

Fulfilling a dream that we’ve had for a long time – we can now soar with the eagles.

Through the acquisition of a Multi-Array Flying Platform (drone / droid / UFO!), WaterWorks can now offer HD1080p video and unlimited sized photos – captured from a height of a few thousand metres and at speeds of more than 120km/h.

However, unless we’re working on the latest Die Hard movie, we will be flying a little more sedately and lower than mentioned above. Monster “crane” shots; gliding moves over bodies of water; epic, cinematic, reveals… These are all an option nowadays. Coupled with our CAD integration, we can truly stand up proclaiming the only service of it’s kind in Asia. Learn more about your aerial photo and video options in Asia.

Looks like we got a viral!

By , October 30, 2010

It isn’t all “Thailand, freelance cameraman for hire” here at WaterWorks…  A little while back, I decided to create a short working example of our CAD integration. It was loosely based on the game of “Chess” in StarWars – which famously used holographic “chess pieces”.

Having uploaded the video to Vimeo, the hits counter started going a lot more wild than on any of our other videos.

Sure enough, the tech-blogs had found wind of it and, in true viral video fashion, started to link to it.

To this day, we have nearly 20 online Technology “blogs” linking to our video, and a daily hit rate averaging approx. 200… (which is nothing compared to certain “YouTube Celebs”, but I’m not aiming to become a “YouTube Celeb”…. yet…..) learn more about 3D motion graphics and animation in Thailand here.

Subtitles are so ’80s

By , October 20, 2010

Corporate promotion video production in Thailand has become a highly competitive industry in the last few years. In our latest promo shoot, our client agreed to use 3D text placement, inside the scenery – instead of using plane old subtitles… this form of 3d motion graphics and animation in Thailand is usually very expensive and only the biggest production houses could offer it.

The end result of this VFX shot looks like we cut out words and placed them inside our scenery while we rolled the cameras… Whereas, we actually perform a multi-step procedure, passing through 5 different Applications, in order to get the final result.

For the viewer, they are seeing something they normally see on TV or at the movies… For the client, they are showing the world that they are forward-thinking, modern, fresh and – most importantly – original…

The viewer ends up feeling positive about the video, which usually builds a rapport, which usually ends in a sale…

With what we have to offer, throw away subtitles and bring 3d motion graphics and animation into your production – there are no more reasons for using basic, boring, subtitles.

Destroying areas of outstanding natural beauty (CAD integration)

By , October 10, 2010

So we didn’t destroy anything natural (that would go against my very ethics)… But we did master a trick that every architect / real estate owner should be very excited about…

Previously – before a project was finished – the only option for most was, seemingly, to Photoshop the artist’s rendering of the project onto a photo of the site… This, not only, looks awful but it can actually have a detrimental effect on the marketability of a project.

Which is where we step in. Using Hollywood software – that helped in the production of Avatar (amongst many other household, blockbuster, Movies) – we can take your CAD model and insert it seamlessly into a live video shot. Shadows will be correct, reflections will be accurate. The viewer won’t know it isn’t real (unless we tell them). Learn more…

Very tempting

By , March 25, 2010

A phonecall from France recently took us over to Phuket, where we were asked to script, storyboard, shoot and edit a short video. On top of that, we were given a logo created in PowerPoint (not the most graphically powerful choice for logo design) and asked if we could animate it…

I figured it would be best to start from scratch and went to work doing just that. The final logo animation is my first ever attempt at working with true 3D models – it took a while, but was very satisfying in the long run. Watch here

The Ritz Carlton’s world-first “Reserve”

By , February 15, 2010

We were very lucky to be involved with a Saudi Arabian Holiday TV Show that was shooting in Phulay Bay and around Krabi province for a couple of days.

Hired as, both, the local “fixers” (we were in charge of all the logistical planning for the TV show) and as the local camera team, we had our hands full for this job. Working in the resort, out on speedboats, on and underwater, we had a great time with the team from Saudi Arabia.

Rawi Warin Resort and Spa

By , January 30, 2010

Having lived on Koh Lanta for 7 years, it was lovely when the phone rang and we were invited in to talk about our very first “local” job.

RawiWarin Resort and Spa is a “Super-Family-Resort” in the sense that it has all the hardware to cater for the most demanding families: an Ocean Pool, Cinema, HiFi room, Creche, Tennis Courts etc…

There was a lot to shoot for this job and the final video is being used in house – as a welcome video – and also as a souvenir for guests to take home with them, to show to friends and family, or share through their social-media accounts. Another, short edit, produced a 90 second promo sequence that is being looped at trade-shows and is also being sent to agents worldwide.

Roving in Raja Ampat

By , October 10, 2009

This is where it all started (and hopefully not where it all ends).

Back in 2005, Ocean Rover were our first corporate client. Five years (and two further shoots on), we’ve been invited back for a fourth time – to dive the exquisite waters of Raja Ampat. Heralded as the area with the most marine bio-diversity in the world, the video for Raja Ampat might be a long one (trying to squeeze in a shot of everything will stretch the timeline somewhat)… We’re going to try a few little post production tricks in this video – just to keep the viewer glued to the screen. Though, previously, we would spend one trip (approx. 10 days) on board, this time round, we’re going to be hosted for three consecutive trips – lasting four weeks in total…

Ocean Rover have used WaterWorks repeatedly over the years. This will be our third promo for them in 4 years. We must be doing something right, then!

1250fps from a Sony FX1!

By , August 1, 2009

As part of a larger, SFX-filled, production – I needed to create a shot where our bungee-jumper appeared to slow down mid-air, almost to a standstill – but not quite…

I also wished to emphasise the effect by creating a flock of birds to fly through the shot, and a car driving along the road (at normal speed). These objects were created in post on the computer as opposed to being manipulated from original video clips. The final result takes 5 frames of video, and turns it into a 10 second “hanging in the air” moment. Once calculations have been considered, then this is the equivalent of our cam shooting at 1250fps… This is another working example of our use of intricate, Hollywood, softwares in order to deliver THE final effect.

talk to an expert

By , May 1, 2009

After years of self-learning as much as I could, about this industry, (and continuing to do so on a daily basis)  it was a very pleasant surprise – the other day – when I was invited to moderate the Mac forum and the Pro Video forum at…

I feel humbled and very honoured to have been invited in to this position and hope that it is merely the beginning of bigger and better things to come!

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