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By , December 2, 2010

A presentation using the right, cinematic, hardware, makes you shine… viewers will feel that…:

“This company really cares how they present themselves… They haven’t spared a penny on this presentation…. It looks big budget… That same level of care will transcend into how well they treat me as a guest… I trust this company…..”

Underwater Equipment:

Full SCUBA diving equipment and tanks (both, air and Nitrox, mixes are available)
Sony FX1
Amphibico ZXF1 Housing
Amphibico G3 Discovery Pro Arc HID lights
Hartenberger Video light
Underwater tripod

Land Equipment that we use to make you standout:

Crane / Jib
Dolly system
UAV / Droid
Sony FX1 HDV cam and Canon 7D dSLR
Microphone boom and lapel mics

A Crane (jib) and a Dolly system are usually the first two options for a professional camera team to invest in…

Smooth transitions from one shot to the next allow a greater level of depth with the story telling and offer a greater amount of freedom of expression.

Cranes and Dollies account for the majority of camera moves in cinema. Revealing shots, tracking shots, focus shifts etc – all of this is available to you and your presentation nowadays…

A steadicam is used where more freedom of  movement is required, than can be supplied by a dolly… Gliding shots through gardens / rooms, shots following staff going about their daily roles… This floating effect in the shot is a “look” that cannot be achieved with any other device.

Our most recent – and most exciting addition to our hardware – is the FilmBot… this flying machine literally takes our cameras to new heights… capable of speeds of approx. 120+ km/h and heights of many thousand metres, this Bot is incredible. Agile and stable enough to fly indoors, we can offer a whole new world of interesting shots for you to consider using.To learn more about this wonderful machine, and the new advances we can make with aerial video and photo opportunities, please follow this link…

We have been shooting with a Sony FX1 HDV camera for 5 years now. And recently we acquired a Canon 7D hdSLR. It looks like the future of cinematic video capture may be moving in the direction of these hdSLRs… Simply being able to offer a far shallower depth of focus, than video can, means the scope for storytelling opportunities has expanded massively. DOF – and effective use of it – pushes the viewer’s attention in a certain direction. Viewers can be encouraged to focus on certain parts of the frame as directed by the cameraman’s use of DOF. Additionally – once more – immense additional value is added to your presentation.

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