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By , November 20, 2010

“WaterWorks know how to present their clients in the best possible way. They create high quality presentations away from the regular mainstream products around. Not only are they very open minded, but also, extremely creative and will go the extra mile to make a customized product.”

Promote yourselves the right way:

A promotional documentary is one of the most cost effective ways to target your market directly… Guests will use a video presentation to back up their holiday stories with their like-minded friends and families – who will, in turn, show a raised level of interest in your establishment.


A mini-documentary (as opposed to a “promo video”) will educate and entertain your viewer, as well as build an immediate strong, positive, rapport with them.


Your industry relies on its reputation – and that of certain geographical locations – to offer some level of self-promotion… Hence the various video clips that are already very well established online by the consumer and commercial industry. It is hard for an individual establishment to stand out.

Q. Why should “Mr. & Mrs. X” spend time in your operation?

A. This documentary concentrates on the story behind your company, the “behind the scenes” and history. It gives the viewer a whole new perspective and appreciation for the staff and in-house teams, the local culture and life… It isnʼt a sales pitch – but it has more power than one…


A mini documentary will be presented in a very modern fashion. We create a presentation that truly makes you stand out in the crowd, setting you well apart from the competition – your presentation will be unique. When a viewer sees a “big budget presentation” then he / she will feel that a similar amount of time, care and attention (and cost) will be lavished upon them as a guest of yours.

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